Education program for Child and Adolescent Integrative psychotherapy

About Education

The psychotherapy of children and adolescents is significantly different from the psychotherapy of adults, especially regarding the role of the therapist, the relationship and cooperation with the parents, since the acceptance of the therapy depends on the cooperation with the parents.

The integrative psychotherapy program of children and adolescents is based on a developmental approach to children and young people, incorporating a humanistic and integrative approach (Gestalt, TA, PA), Self psychology, intrasubjective and relationship theories.

The educational program lasts for 4 years, and upon completion of education and examination, candidates receive a European Certificate of Child and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapist.

For whom is it intended?

Psychotherapists, psychologists, defectologists, social pedagogues, physicians, social workers and pedagogues may be involved in education.

If the student does not meet the above requirements for enrollment in the education, but has completed undergraduate and graduate university study or integrated undergraduate and graduate university study in another area, he must have completed the study of propedeutics of psychotherapy.

Manner of implementation?

  • It is held one weekend a month, from Friday to Sunday, and once a year for five days (summer school), except when the lecturers are foreigners, then the duration and time of education is modified according to the lecturer
  • The program is conducted in Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian and English
  • Several (2-3) modules are run annually by experts from abroad
  • The education is conducted in cooperation with and in compliance with EIATSCYP and EAP standards.


  • Theoretical part and research work
  • Clinical practice supervision
  • Skills development
  • Personal development


  • Group process
  • Theory
  • Supervision practiced in small and large groups
  • Practical work

Educational groups are closed-type with a fixed number of students. Students of BHIDAPA and the D.O.M. Institute can participate in the open module, as well as other educational groups.
The module can be open for persons involved in psychotherapy, treatment, upbringing, education of children and young people, and improving the mental health of children and young people and their well-being, with compensation for the registration fee. The group process is a closed type and is intended exclusively for students of the educational program.


The training lasts for four years, and after completing the training and successfully passing the final exam, candidates receive a BHIDAPA diploma, with which they apply for and which automatically allows them to apply for and obtain the EIATSCYP-Ken Evans European Certificate for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist (

The total duration of the training includes 3,200 hours, spread over seven years, of which at least four years must be training specific to psychotherapy.

Training is, as a rule, performed once a month, extended weekend (20 hours), with summer and winter breaks.

The curriculum of education in the field of child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy consists of at least 4 years and includes at least 1600 hours.

    • theoretical part and research work (650 hours) through modules
    • clinical practice (400 hours)
    • supervision (180 hours) which can be realized individually and through group supervision
    • personal / personal psychotherapeutic experience (310 hours – include self-experience, self-reflection, therapy, personal experience)
    • submitted and positively evaluated all essays during the training (8 essays – 2 in each educational year and 4 personal development profiles – 1 in each educational year
    • Passed all written exams (40)
    • Submitted final paper-case study;
    • Application for the final exam;
    • Passed the oral exam in front of the Final Certification Board (three-member commission)
    • The application procedure for obtaining a European certificate can be found at (Application Procedures for the European Certificate – )

Other hours are calculated through written and oral papers, exams, research papers, case reports and reading literature. The educational program follows European standards, and the hours may change accordingly. Training is, as a rule, performed once a month, extended weekend (20 hours), with summer and winter breaks.

The program prepares candidates for professional and academic experience with special emphasis on clinical skills, professional competence, personal development, supervision, capacity for multidisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation, meeting the criteria of good clinical practice that ensures a high level of education and research.


During each educational year, students are required to submit 3 written papers (the topics of papers and deadlines for submission are determined at the beginning of the year), pass the exams after each module, and at the end of the education they take the final exam and present case study.

After completing their education and passing the exam, candidates acquire a degree in Child and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapy, and a European license certified by EIATSCYP.


  • Completed Faculty of Medicine, Psychology, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Studies, Social Work, and Pedagogy
  • Interview with education leaders
  • BHIDAPA membership

At the beginning of the educational year, students receive a training program, a contract, an index, a code for the library, and, after each module, the recommended literature.


  • The first installment of the education year must be paid before the start of the first module, which must be notified to BHIDAPA.
  • All students must have their personal psychotherapy during the education
  • All participants must be members of BHIDAPA, and thus are members of EIATSCYP (European Association for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counseling for Children and Young People) and SPUuBiH (Union of Psychotherapy Associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • In order for student to take the final exam, he / she must attend all educational modules, hours of personal  therapy, supervision, have passed exams and graded essays, and complete the final exam application form
  • During the education, the student must apply his / her knowledge and skills in clinical work, acquired through the education


A new cycle of the 4-year education program is planned for October 18, 2019.

An information meeting for all students enrolling in the 4-year education program will be held in early October 2019. Meeting place at BHIDAPA Center – Emerika Bluma 9.


The price of the educational year (does not include Intensive module) is 2.500 BAM, with the possibility of payment in three installments.

Duration, time and cost can be exceptionally increased when the lecturers are from abroad and the modules last longer than three days.

The price of the Educational Year does not include the price of the Intensive module of child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy, and is a mandatory part of the educational year and is paid directly to the organization that organizes the Intensive.

Podaci za plaćanje Intenziva – Institut D.O.M Zagreb.


Each educational year consists of 10 modules (8 + 2 modules).
The modules will be held one weekend a month, from Friday to Sunday in Sarajevo: BHIDAPA Center  (one module can be organized in Zagreb or Belgrade for 3 days), and once a year an “Intensive module” is organized for four up to five days comprising 2 modules.

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