Continuous professional development

Kontinuirano profesionalno usavršavanje (KPU-CPD)

Re-registration/ re-licensing follows European standards EIATSCYP-Ken Evans and EAP. The Re-registration application form is submitted to the BHIDAPA Training Institute office.

Continuing professional development (CPA) is required to re-register a European certificate holder in the national registers in their country of practice.

You are required to complete an average of 50 hours per year of CPU. This CPU includes:

  1. Advanced trainings or additional professional hours in psychotherapy (list them, include details of the provider (center / institute) and summary of the training, and indicate the number of hours for each training on a separate sheet).
  2. Professional supervision for psychotherapeutic practice / clinical / group work and peer supervision (indicate this on a separate sheet with the name of the supervisor / institute, hours of supervision and total number of hours).
  3. Attendance at the psychotherapy congress / conference / symposium (Please indicate the title, date and organization for each on a separate sheet and indicate the number of hours of the session they attended. Please enclose copies of all certificates of participation in the congress / conference / symposium).
  4. Professional activities in psychotherapy. (Be elected to the committee or committee and attend the meetings. Please indicate the organization, dates of the committee / committee meetings and the number of office hours of each meeting.)
  5. Hours of additional psychotherapeutic education as a supervisor / researcher / teacher.
  6. Self-experience / personal therapy in one of the modalities recognized by the EAP (Please indicate the name (s) of psychotherapist, duration of therapy, frequency of sessions and total number of hours of self-experience / personal therapy received)

CPU hours should not consist of more than 30% from any of the listed CPU categories.

The KPU should be checked every 3 to 5 years by an accredited national association (or NAO) that maintains a national register of European certificate holders. Each accredited education center / training institute remains in charge of determining the exact number of years for re-examination / verification of the KPU within a given period of 3 to 5 years.

You can download the application form for re-registration / re-licensing here and together with the above documents, send it by e-mail to the Office for Educational Affairs by


Continous education means lifelong learning [1] and facilitates coping with changes in the professional environment.

Continuing education and learning is the key to personal and professional development in a wide range of areas, in order to strengthen personal competencies and overcome challenges.

In BHIDAPA Training Institute for Continuous Education, in accordance with  EAP – CPD[2] , graduate psychotherapists, counselors and other experts who are eager for knowledge can find high quality and innovative solutions for continuing education and individual development.

[1] Definition of lifelong learning (EU, 2000): “All types of learning during adulthood with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competences within the personal or professional activities of an individual. ”

[2] Continuous professional development (CPD) is required to re-register ECP holders in national registries in their country of practice.