Founder and director: Mirela Badurina, PhD, psychotherapist and supervisor
Address: Radnička 70 c, branch office: Emerika Bluma 9a, Sarajevo
Telephone: +387 61 773 887

Bosnian-Herzegovinian Association for Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, is entered in the Register of Associations at the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, under registration number RU-1693, Book I of the Register, on 16.02.2015.


BHIDAPA is classified for the area of activity: 14. HEALTH PROTECTION
Main ID number: 4202071240009
Subsidiary ID number: 4202071240017


ISSN 2744-1148 (print)  Book of Abstracts
ISSN 2744-1156 (online) BHS Knjiga Sažetaka
ISSN 2744-1164 (online) EN Book of Abstracts

ISSN 2637-2487  (online) Journal
ISSN 2637 – 2517 (print) Journal