Protocols and forms

After the announcement of the Competition, interested candidates first come for an admission interview at the BHIDAPA Training Institute. In order to be able to come to the admission interview, you must first fill in the Online Application Forms *, and then you will be invited by the Education Board for an enrollment interview.


After a positive evaluation of the enrollment interview, the candidate can enroll in the Educational Program **.

Application forms *

In this section you will find application forms for each European accredited educational program offered by BHIDAPA – Training Institute. Please fill in:


1. The application form for the postgraduate educational program you are interested in and mark it,

2. Application for membership in BHIDAPA-Training Institutes

3. Attach all required documents (last academic degree, motivation letter, certificate / certificate of no criminal record)

Please scan and send all documents (item 3) to our e-mail address:

If you have any inquiries regarding the educational programs offered or the application process, please contact us: 

After the enrollment interview, students sign **

  1. Data protection statement (Form 1)
  2. Declaration of Respect for Equality (Form 2)
  3. The application form (Form 3 or  Form 4) is delivered to the candidate by e-mail, before signing the document
  4. Student contract (delivered to the candidate by e-mail, before signing)
  5. The plan and program of the entire education with the schedule of modules for the first educational year is delivered to the student by e-mail (The plan and program of education for the generation 2021-2022 can be found on the page, as well as the schedules of modules IDAP , IP)
  6. Index and
  7.  a code that allows access to E-library

Forms during the educational program

  1. Instructions for writing an IDAP seminar paper / essay (Form 5)
  2. Instructions for writing seminar paper / essay IP (Form 6)
  3. Instructions for writing a personal / development profile (Form 7)
  4. Criteria for evaluation of seminar paper / essay(Form 8)
  5. Criteria for evaluation of personal / development profile (Form 9)
  6. Criteria for self-assessment of seminar paper / essay (Form 10)
  7. Confirmation of completed individual therapy (Form 11)
  8. Certificate of completed clinical supervision hours (Form12)
  9. Confirmation of triads – Peer contact hours (Form 13)
  10. Certificate of completed clinical practice (submitted by the competent institution where the clinical practice was performed)
  11. Form for individual psychotherapist (Form 14)
  12. Supervisor’s form (Form 15)
  13. Guidelines for Writing a Case Study – Final Paper (Form 16)
  14. Criteria for evaluating the Case Study / Final Thesis (Form 16A)

Final exam application forms

  1. Registration for the final exam IDAP (Form 17)
  2. Registration for the final exam IP (Form 18)
  3. The form for the assessment of the final exam (Form 19) is submitted to the members of the commission

Re-registration form

  1. Re-registration form – CPD (Form 23)

Other study Forms

  1. Request to suspend studies (Form 20)
  2. Request for thawing of studies (Form 21)
  3. Request for termination of the Agreement (Form 22)