Diploma in supervision in psychotherapy

The European accredited educational program in the field of supervision in Bosnia and Herzegovina

is organized in cooperation with

IPSA – Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling, Ljubljana and

EUROCPS – European Center for Psychotherapeutic Studies – UK


About the program

This educational program is based on previous experiences and programs that has been conducted for more than 24 years by the late prof. Ken Evans (Maslow Award for Contributions to Psychotherapy 2015). The program is based on an integrative relational approach to psychotherapeutic supervision (Gilbert & Evans, 2008).

The program consists of:

  • two five-day modules (10 days in total)
  • 50 hours of supervision with a supervisor
  • 30 hours of supervisor supervision

The modules cover the following topics and concepts:

  • Overview of the area, definition and function of supervision
  • Supervision models
  • Significant events in supervision
  • Supervisory alliances and creating a safe learning environment
  • Supervision contracts
  • The role of unconscious processes and shame in supervision
  • Publishing and non-publishing in supervision
  • Anti-oppressive practice, culture, ecology and transpersonal relationships
  • Ethical dilemmas and the role of the supervisor.

The time period of three months between the two modules is planned to be included in the Training Program. This period allows students to reflect on theoretical insights gained so far, read literature, and create a mini case study or essay. During the second module, each student will also prepare a short presentation on the importance of supervision. Both modules combine theoretical and experiential work.

Important requirements for a period of three months between two modules:

Record a transcript of supervision sessions with comments,

50 hours of supervision with a supervisor and

30 hours of supervisor supervision.

After fulfilling all the conditions, the candidates will receive a Diploma in Supervision from the European Center for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling, Ljubljana.

The program is recommended for qualified and experienced psychotherapists, usually four years after gaining a basic qualification.

It is also open to experienced therapeutic counselors who will receive a Diploma in Counseling Supervision upon completion of the application.


  • JOANNA HEWITT EVANS – mr.sci Gestalt psychotherapy, UKCP, integrative psychotherapist, EAIP, MA CQSW.
  • MAŠA ŽVELC – Doctor of Science in Clinical Psychology, Integrative Psychotherapist (EAIP, IIPA) and supervisor (EUROCPS)

Supervisors in the training program:

  • Prof.dr.med.sc. DUBRAVKA KOCIJAN HERCIGONJA – neuropsychiatrist, integrative psychotherapist
  • Prof.dr.psih.sc. GORDANA BULJAN FLANDER – clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist

More informations: bhidapa.ba/en/faculty/

The program is realized through two five-day modules:

  • FIRST MODULE: – April 8, 2018
  • SECOND MODULE: -11.11.2018.

Venue of the training: BHIDAPA Center, Emerika Bluma 9a, Sarajevo

The costs of the educational program (two five-day modules) amount to € 1,200 (payments in two equal installments – the first installment upon enrollment in the Program, the second installment on October 1, 2018). Costs do not include hours of supervision with a supervisor and hours of supervision by a supervisor.

The application should contain the following information:

name and surname, title, contact address, e-mail, telephone number, professional experience

After your initial application, we will send you additional information about the registration and selection process for the Program.

The competition is closed!


Contact information


+387 61 773887