Psychological assessment

Services available at the Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Center for the Protection of

Children, Youth and Family Health

through the Activity of a Clinical Psychology Specialist:

  1. Assessment of cognitive abilities (children, adolescents and adults)

  2. Assessment of personality and psychopathological abnormalities with objective and projective tests (children, adolescents and adults)

More details:

  • Assessment of personality traits
  • Depression symptom severity assessment
  • Assessing the severity of anxiety symptoms and anxiety-related disorders
  • Assessment of psychosomatic symptoms
  • Assessment of the severity of trauma symptoms
  • Assessing aggression and disruptive behaviors
  • Suicidal risk assessment
  • Assessment of personality disorder symptoms
  • Assessment of the existence of psychotic elements
  • Assessment of coping strategies
  1. Assessment of school readiness

  2. Neuropsychological assessment

More details:

  • Assessment of psychomotor development
  • Assessment of visual-motor and perceptual skills
  • Assessment of attention load and ability to concentrate
  • Organic damage assessment
  • Assessment of ADHD symptom severity
  1. Professional orientation