Topics of project Interdisciplinary Network of Professionals

Module 1.

Topic: Promotion of mental health of children and adolescents in BIH – Introduction to the research part of the Project

Goal: To acquaint students with the overall education and its direct and indirect goals, developing multidisciplinarity of professionals through the development and strengthening of group cohesion and self-care

Module 2.

Topic: The impact of different contexts on the growth and development of children and adolescents

Goal: Improving knowledge about the impact of different contexts on the growth and development of children and adolescents.

Module 3.

Topic: Family and crisis

Goal: To strengthen group / family / family cohesion / cohesion and the processes that take place during the provision of crisis interventions. Strengthening parental competencies from different family dynamics (divorced parents, parents from high-conflict divorces and parents from complete families, single parents due to the death of a partner).

Module 4.

Topic: Psychological reactions and the development of mental health problems in children and adolescents

Goal: Recognition of symptoms and psychological reactions to the crisis situation, and the difference between expected and acceptable reactions to increased stress and crisis (which do not require crisis intervention), and pathological reactions (where crisis intervention is necessary) and possible development of mental health problems in children and adolescents and adults. Identification of individuals and / or groups in need of additional support (triage). Strengthening connections with other institutions.

Module 5.

Topic: Multidisciplinary concept – Who are we? How well do we know each other?

Goal: Getting to know your own and others’ possibilities. Strengthen a positive attitude through opportunities for cooperation in prevention and interventions in the family and the community for current problems. Develop confidence in one’s own role and the role of others and a multidisciplinary concept. (eg social work centers, police, health organizations, judiciary, NGOs, media, schools,). Improve communication skills.

Module 6.

Topic: Development of children’s and adolescent’s identities

Goal: Improving the knowledge of experts on the topic of identity development in general, and knowledge about the psychosexual development of children and adolescents. General identity development in children and adolescents. Psychosexual development with reference to the development of gender and sexual identity in children and adolescents.

Module 7.

Topic: Resilience and Mentalization

Goal: To get acquainted with the concept and significance of the development of resilience in children, adolescents, families and communities. Get acquainted with the concept of the process of mentalization in children and adolescents. Adoption of resilience capacity development techniques that can be used in specific situations.