Declaration of Respect for Equality and Diversity

BHIDAPA is committed to respecting, supporting and promoting the right to equality and diversity in all aspects within our centres (educational, therapeutic and research) and among all our members, associates and beneficiaries.

Our goal is to create an environment in which all persons, regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion, political views, sexual orientation, relationship status or age, have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

BHIDAPA has a policy of advocating explicit zero tolerance for all forms of abuse and neglect, sexual exploitation and abuse (Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse – PSEA, according to the UN definition) and respects the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, does not support inequality or discrimination * and uses every opportunity to nurture diversity among all its members, associates and users.

* Discrimination is any exclusion, restriction or preference based on actual or perceived grounds on any person or group of persons based on their race, color, language, religion, ethnicity, disability, age, national or social origin, relationship with a national minority, political or other beliefs, wealth, education, social status and gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender characteristics, as well as any other circumstance that has the purpose or effect of preventing or endangering any person’s recognition, enjoyment or realization on an equal basis, rights and freedoms in all areas of life. (Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Sarajevo, July 21 2019.
Mirela Badurina, founder and director