Respecting the European standards, the Educational Program in Child Adolescent Psychotherapy includes supervision hours of clinical practice for educators, with the aim of better therapeutic work with clients, testing diagnostic hypotheses and interventions, treatment plan, countertransference work, discussions on ethical issues… Besides individual supervision, working in small supervision groups is also possible.

The clinical supervisor helps to investigate the therapeutic relationship by observing the development of the supervisor’s therapeutic competence and taking into account the client’s well-being. As a result of such a study, all members of the triad – the client, supervised person and supervisor – can learn and develop.

A list of proposed supervisors that meet BHIDAPA standards, and according to EIATSCYP Ken Evans, EAIP and EAP, was provided to the educators.

If a student decides to hire a supervisor who is not on the list of supervisors offered by BHIDAPA, he / she must obtain approval from the education team.

The supervisor will send the program manager an annual report on the student’s professional development.

The annual report is submitted for both the 3rd and 4th year of education.

The financial costs of supervision are not included in the costs of education. Students are responsible for paying supervision costs directly to their supervisor.

Students can opt for group or individual form of supervision.

Note: If the supervisor is already in the process of supervision and/or uses supervision with a supervisor who is not proposed in the list provided to educators, it is important to be European certified and that the supervisor submits information to the education team department by email adi.grebovic@bhidapa .ba

Psychotherapeutic supervision hours determined by European standards are recognized from enrollment in the educational program.