Individual psychotherapy

Students are required to be in personal therapy for the duration of the educational program on a regular weekly basis.

The financial costs of personal therapy are not included in the cost of education. Students are responsible for paying the cost of personal therapy directly to their therapist.

Students will be in the personal therapy of certified therapists with at least 4 years of practice.

Personal therapy provides an important developmental moment for students by ensuring that their personal growth is in line with the evolving requirements of psychotherapeutic education and the associated practice of supervised psychotherapeutic activity. Specifically, personal therapy will sensitize the student to:

  • connect significant aspects of theory with its own development,
  • develop sufficient insight to be able to increase the mature assessment of his personal history and current level of functioning with individuals and in the group, and
  • to be able to connect personal insights into clinical practice especially in understanding transfer-countertransference issues.

The student’s ability to be a therapist is directly related to his/her ability to be a client. Namely, personal therapy requires a willingness to be vulnerable in developing self-awareness and self-awareness in relation to other people.

A list of proposed individual therapists who meet BHIDAPA standards, and according to EIATSCYP Ken Evans, EAIP and EAP, was provided to the educators.

Personal development is also the focus of personal development profile.

In case the student cannot meet the requirements of current personal therapy, e.g. too long periods of attendance without satisfactory explanation, completion of therapy or non-appearance at therapy sessions, the trainer will reasonably expect to be informed by the therapist in a short written statement that is limited to the statement of presence / absence.

Note: If the educator is already in the process of psychotherapy and uses psychotherapy with a psychotherapist who is not proposed in the list provided to educators, it is important to be European certified and that the educator submits information to the education team by email