Topics of project Virtual crisis interventions

Modul 1.

topic: Basic information on Virtual and Telephone Crisis Interventions

Objective: To acquaint participants with the overall education and its purpose, virtual / telephone crisis interventions and providing support to children, adolescents and their parents.

Modul 2.

topic: Psychological reactions to the crisis in children, adolescents and adults; Multidisciplinary assessment, diagnosis and interventions (triage)

goal: Recognition of psychological reactions to the crisis situation, and the difference between expected and acceptable reactions to increased stress and crisis (which do not require crisis interventions), and pathological reactions (where crisis intervention is necessary) and possible development of mental health problems of children, adolescents and adults . Identification of individuals and / or groups in need of additional support (triage).

Modul 3.

topic: Phases of crisis interventions and group / family work

Objective: To strengthen group / family cohesion / cohesion and the processes that take place during crisis interventions

Modul 4.

topic: Support to parents and guardians in maintaining the mental health of children and youth during the crisis with special reference to high-conflict divorces

Objective: To empower professionals who provide virtual and telephone crisis intervention and counseling services to provide adequate support to parents by strengthening parenting competencies and reducing parental stress Strengthening connections with other institutions

Modul 5.

topic: The role of kindergartens and schools in times of crisis in maintaining the mental health of children and youth

goal: Strengthening protective factors within the school environment and the importance of supporting educational staff and parents in jointly achieving the goal for the welfare of children. Strengthening the parent-kindergarten-school relationship in preserving the mental health of children and adolescents

Modul 6.

topic: Violence against children in times of crisis with an emphasis on sexual exploitation and abuse

goal: Protection of children from violence in crisis situations and reduction of harmful consequences for children’s mental health, through timely identification of violence against children, and acquisition of skills for working with child victims of violence. Adopt practical skills and tools to help participants protect children from violence through timely and adequate response (intersecoral cooperation)

Modul 7.

topic: Application of projective techniques in virtual crisis interventions in working with children, youth and parents

Objective: To present the application and importance of projective techniques in virtual crisis interventions and treatment
Remind experts to accept crisis-oriented goals and interventions aimed at strengthening resilience capacity

Modul 8.

topic: The importance of support in maintaining the mental health of professionals working in crisis

goal: To present and address the topic of intervision and supervision as protective factors of professionals

Participants’ reflection on the entire educational program and identification of further steps of intersectoral cooperation (what is missing in effective participation in crisis interventions)