4th Conference “Safety and responsibility” Conference on child safety

After an official visit to our Center and establishing cooperation between the Tijana Jurić Foundation and the BHIDAPA Center, at the invitation of our dear friends and colleagues, we are invited to participate in the fourth expert conference on child safety “Security and Responsibility” organized by the Tijana Jurić Foundation.
Greatly organized Conference was held on 27.10. in Subotica, within which we had the opportunity to participate with the theme “IN A HEALTHY SCHOOL, HEALTHY CHILD”. BHIDAPA Deputy Director Sabina Zijadic Husic spoke during the plenary lecture, and a day earlier a roundtable was held to introduce participants to the development of BHIDAPA under the theme “CHILD PROTECTION MECHANISMS – Individual and Social Responsibility”.
Uspostavljeni su novi značajni kontakti i dogovoren nastavak saradnje.

We look forward to the next meetings.

Congratulations on excellently organized and helpful Conference and thank you very much for your invitation!