Adolescence the same or different – prof. dr. med. sc. Vlasta Rudan, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst for children and adolescents

“Adolescence the same or different?”
was held

Module leader was: Prof. dr. Vlasta Rudan,
psychiatrist and psychoanalyst for children and adolescents. Head of the day hospital for youth at the Clinic of Psychological Medicine, University Hospital Center Zagreb, full professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb and author of numerous papers in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy.

The module was open primarily to students of the European Educational Program in Integrative Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy, but also to persons involved in daily work, psychotherapy, treatment, education, education of children and youth, and improving the mental health of children and youth and their benefits.

During the three days of the workshop, through a theoretical presentation, work in small groups, plenary discussions, large groups, participants gained knowledge from:

o Developmental theories
o Theories of psychosexual and psychosocial development
o Key concepts of psychoanalytic psychology
on Identity Development and Confusion
o The role of relationships in individual development and group life
about Adolescence
o Diagnosis and therapeutic approaches.

The emphasis of this workshop is especially on the experiential work of the participants.