Autumn cleaning of the MIND

🍁What do we know about the impact of growing up and first experiences on the further development of a child? What are all the ways children can express their grief? What is behind the behavior of a “bad” child? These are just some of the questions we encountered during today’s lecture through the prism of integrative psychotherapy.
🍁Mirela Badurina brought us closer to this psychotherapeutic approach in great detail and creatively and shared with us the wisdom, some of which we would like to share with you.
🍁Through the child’s relationship with the parents, the child creates an image of himself and answers the questions: Who am I? Who is the world around me?
A child very often knows how to give up on an unconscious level in the name of love for the parents.
The greatest wisdom is to keep the child in yourself, because there is readiness, creativity and curiosity in him …
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