Ceremonial promotion of the first generation of graduate child and adolescent integrative psychotherapists

Dear colleagues, members and friends of BHIDAPA,
ceremonial promotion

Ceremonial promotion of the first generation of graduate children and
adolescent integrative psychotherapists

was held:
30.09.2017. godine at Ekonomskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Sarajevu – E-Net centar (3. sprat)

Through the educational program organized by the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Integrative Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy Association and the Dom Institute from Croatia, the following passed:
Azra Arnautović, Belma Žiga, Đana Lončarica, Mirela Badurina, Mirjana Gavrić – Hopić, Sabina Zijadić – Husić, Selma Gaši, Senka Čimpo i Srebrenka Hota.

The candidates acquired new knowledge and improved their existing ones through lectures by eminent experts from: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, France, Slovenia, Great Britain and Malta.

During two days (September 29 and 30), the candidates will be before the examination commission composed of:
prof. dr. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, mentor; prof. dr. Vera Daneš Brozek i doc. dr. Lidija Pecotić, and defend students of the educational program with final papers and case studies. Respecting the code of ethics of the profession, the defenses are closed to the public, but we invite all colleagues to enlarge the graduation ceremony.

The ceremony will be held in the premises of the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, E-net Center on the third floor.


With joy and respect,