Creative models in communication and fairy tales- dr. Zlatko Bastašić, psychiatrist, psychotherapist for children and adults

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“Creative models in communication and a fairy tale”
Was held

Module leader was dr. Zlatko Bastašić, psychiatrist, psychotherapist for children and adults

The module was open primarily to students of the European Educational Program in Integrative Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy, but also to persons involved in daily work, psychotherapy, treatment, education, education of children and youth, and improving the mental health of children and youth and their benefits.

“A fairy tale expresses a man’s existential situation. It accompanies him from birth to death, depicting in a simple way the complex family relationships and the relationship of the individual and the world in which he lives. It is a story of maturation and growth, of man’s ability to build and expand his limits, in spite of all difficulties. The simplicity of a fairy tale allows the child, but also the child in us, to project their fears, conflicts, different feelings. It is therefore not surprising that many therapists resort to fairy tales as a medicine. With the help of stage puppets, many children played their problems skillfully incorporated into the story they had previously created. Such personal stories always reflect problems related to the environment or to one’s own self. Playing with masks or puppets allows you to play both painful content and channel aggressive urges. It is especially important in the processing of aggressive pulsations. Transformed into a story and a game, anger, rage, aggression come out in a form that does not endanger us or others. And the fairy tale is the simple form that does not show the world and people better than they are, but says that even in the imperfection of the world, a person can, if he wants, fight for himself more noble and that this effort is not in vain.

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dr. Zlatko Bastašić

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Module leader and postgraduate students
From integrative child and adolescent psychotherapy