Early relationships and eating disorders “anorexia and bulimia nervosa\” – prof. dr. med.sc. Vesna Vidović, specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and family psychotherapy

“Early Relationships and Eating Disorders”
anorexia and bulimia nervosa
was held

Module leader was : Prof. dr. med.sc. Vesna Vidović,
a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, he is an educator in family psychotherapy. She is the president of the Croatian Association for Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The narrower areas of work are individual and family psychotherapy, treatment of people suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, anxiety and problems in growing up, and counseling with families.


The workshop was open primarily to students of the European educational program in child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy, but also to people who deal in daily work, psychotherapy, treatment, education, education of children and youth, and improving the mental health of children and youth and their benefits.

During the three days of the workshop, through a theoretical presentation, work in a large group, discussion, participants gained knowledge about:

o Significance and characteristics of early relationships and their association with eating disorders
o The importance of the child-mother relationship
o Developing security and self-image
o The importance of diet and food attitudes through the dynamics of early relationships
o Specifics of eating disorders
o Diagnosis and therapeutic approaches.

postgraduate students in children’s
and adolescent integrative psychotherapy and new colleagues