Integrative psychotherapy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are pleased to announce that we have begun another historic step in the development of psychotherapy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Friday 10.09. 2021 with a module on the topic: Integrative psychotherapy, introduction and comparisons, Prof. dr. sc. Gregor Žvelc, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, officially opened the first educational program in the field of Integrative Psychotherapy for Adults.

With this new program, BHIDAPA has completed educational programs in Integrative Psychotherapy.

At the same time, the fifth generation of educators started education in child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy.

We are pleased that our BHIDAPA European accredited educational programs are recognized beyond the borders of our homeland, because we were joined by colleagues from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Syria.

The module is held in combination, online and live.

We wish all our educators and professors a happy start to co-creating meeting places for personal and professional growth and development.

With respect,

BHIDAPA education team