Life script – Unconscious relational patterns formed in childhood

Within the educational programs of BHIDAPA Training Institute from 13.05.2022. – 15.05. In 2022, a module was held on the topic: “Life script – Unconscious relational patterns formed in childhood.”

The module was led by our esteemed prof. dr. Gregor Žvelc and doc. dr. Maša Žvelc, directors of the IPSA Training Institute in Ljubljana.

During the three days we had the opportunity to integrate theoretical concepts through personal experience and develop psychotherapeutic skills. We questioned and understood the complexity of relational context in integrative psychotherapy.

We convey a part of the pleasant atmosphere through a couple of photos.


“We are stories, manifestations of everything that happened to us. Without our own stories, there is no us. ” (Mitchell, 2012, p. 145)