Summer School of Child Psychotherapy 2015. IUC Dubrovnik

-This year, the Summer School of Child Psychotherapy begins on September 23. at 12:00 until 26.09.2019. and focuses on the connection between the family, the mental health of children and young people and through different approaches to recognizing family dynamics work on therapy (Family Constellations, Family Therapy). Through case reports and supervision of therapeutic analysis
process and outcome of the same.
-The Summer School of Child Psychotherapy, among other things, encourages interfaculty cooperation and research in the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy.
– “Summer School of Psychotherapy” is a continuous form of education in child and adolescent psychotherapy, where through the theoretical part of the invited renowned experts are analyzed and case reports through therapeutic

Lecturers: Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja
Doc. dr. sc. Lidija Pecotić Vesna Vidović