Module Five: Multidisciplinary Concept – Who Are We? How well do we know each other?

On Friday, January 28, 2022 The fifth module of the project “Interdisciplinary Network of Experts” Here & Now “was held on the topic” Multidisciplinary concept – Who are we? How well do we know each other?

The main task of the module was to recognize their own style and pattern of attachment, as well as their impact on connection and communication. We also worked on the acquisition and development of practical skills when it comes to working with target groups, but also on developing multidisciplinary professionals through development, strengthening group cohesion and self-care.

The module leaders were Prim. mr. sci. Dr. Azra Arnautović, pediatrician, psychotherapist and supervisor and Sabina Zijadić-Husićm psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor. The expert lecturer in this module was prof. dr. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor.

As always, special thanks go to our dear colleagues for their time, as well as for their motivation and good mood during this and all previous trainings.

The project “Interdisciplinary Network of Experts” Here & Now “in cooperation with UNICEF, with the support of the EU and with the consent of relevant ministries, continues its education and training with the primary goal of strengthening community resilience in preserving children’s mental health in Bosnia and Herzegovina.