Module on the topic: Relational needs and theories of Motivation in Integrative Psychotherapy

As part of the education in integrative psychotherapy for adults and integrative psychotherapy for children and adolescents from 18.03. 2022 to 20.03.2022 a module on “Relational needs and theories of Motivation in Integrative Psychotherapy” was held. The module was led by the esteemed Vesna Petrović.
Through rich experience and knowledge, esteemed Vesna Petrović presented the understanding and application of the theory of relational needs of Richard Erskin and models of integration of the psychotherapeutic process according to Richard Erskin and Ken Evans. We are very pleased that integrative psychotherapy is experiencing its development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by the knowledge and experience of our respected lecturers. We present you a part of the pleasant atmosphere through a couple of photos from the held module.
Your BHIDAPA team