What are the pitfalls of treating children and adolescents if we are guided solely by the symptom?

The topic of the fourth module was: Traps of treatment of children and adolescents if we are guided exclusively by the symptom and importance of educational institutions in preserving the mental health of children and youth.

The biggest focus on this module is focused on the importance of multidisciplinary and differential diagnostics before creating a treatment plan, as well as the importance of interethnic cooperation. Through this topic prof.dr.sc. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist for children and adolescents has led us. The second part of the module was dedicated to the importance of protective factors within the kindergarten-school system through theory, short examples from practice and exercises.  She took us through these topics dipl. pedag. Jelena Subašić, integrative psychotherapist for children and adolescents.


The project is being implemented in cooperation with UNICEF BiH, with the support of USAID and relevant ministries.