“Who am I in your eyes?” Transfer and Countertransference in Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescents, PhD Vesna Hercigonja Novković, psychotherapist

Dear colleagues, members and friends of BHIDAPA,

“Who am I in your eyes?”
Transfer and countertransference in psychotherapy of children and adolescents

was held
19th-21st, February, 2016

The module was led by: PhD Vesna Hercigonja Novković, Prof. Defectologist, integrative psychotherapist
Polyclinic Kocijan – Hercigonja, Zagreb


The module is open primarily to students of the European Educational Program in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, but also to those involved in daily work, psychotherapy, treatment, upbringing, education of children and young people, and improving the mental health of children and young people and their well-being .

During the three days of the workshop, through theoretical presentation, small group work, plenary discussions, large groups, participants gained the knowledge needed to determine:

o What is a Transfer? Why is it happening? How to recognize it?
o What is a Countertransference? Why is it happening? How to recognize it?
o Types of transfers
o Are transfer and countertransference desirable in therapy?
o Transfer as a diagnostic tool?
o How to manage with your own countertransference?
o What actually happens in child and adolescent psychotherapy? Parallel processes.
o Who the child sees while looking at the therapist?

Who am I in your eyes? Who are you in my eyes? Do we see each other? How do I clean the mirror to see you better? Will I really see myself in your mirror? Any hope of truly meeting each other? I’m learning how to get there. There is a path between us. Let’s go and meet each other!


With joy and respect,
Module leader and graduate students of
integrative child and adolescent psychotherapy