In the educational program BHIDAPA in Sarajevo – Polyclinic for protection of children and youth of the City of Zagreb

Last weekend, the director of the Polyclinic for the Protection of Children of the City of Zagreb, Gordana Buljan Flander, held a module on “Working with traumatized children and high-conflict divorces” for students in child and adolescent psychotherapy (BHIDAPA) in Sarajevo.

The European Licensed Educational Program BHIDAPA prepares candidates for professional and academic experience with a special emphasis on clinical skills, professional competence and personal development.The lecturers of the program are world-renowned experts in the field of neuropsychiatry, psychology and social work, so we are honored and pleased that the director of the Polyclinic was invited as an educator. With a lot of valuable knowledge and experiences exchanged, we look forward to future cooperation.