The importance of support in maintaining the mental health of professionals

The topic of today’s module was “The importance of support in maintaining the mental health of professionals”.

The module aimed to remind and raise awareness of the importance of self-care and mental health protection of professionals, especially during a health crisis. The importance of supporting the preservation of the mental health of professionals working in crisis is the provision of intervention and supervision with special emphasis on the need for multidisciplinary intersectoral support of professionals.

Through projective techniques and personal insights, colleagues had the opportunity to recognize the symptoms of burnout, empathic fatigue and use resources to prevent them.

With the last module, we completed the third educational cycle of the Virtual Crisis Intervention Project Here & Now.

The module was led by B.Sc. psychologist Sabina Zijadić Husić et al. sc. Mirela Badurina, psychotherapist and supervisor.

We thank our colleagues for their active participation and interest.

The Here & Now Virtual Crisis Intervention Project is being implemented in cooperation with UNICEF BiH, with the support of USAID and relevant ministries.