Continuation of the Virtual Crisis Intervention Project “Here & Now” in cooperation with UNICEF BiH

The situation caused by the Corona virus and current health care measures, switching to online classes, working from home, has caused children and adolescents to find themselves in a specific and new situation.  Difficulties faced by their parents, such as high levels of stress caused by the emerging health crisis, job loss, work from home, poverty and social exclusion, affect children directly. Restrictive measures and fear of the Corona virus lead to a significant increase in domestic violence, research shows that this is a percentage of 30%, and for this reason it is necessary to focus on prevention and raising public and professional awareness of the dangers of domestic violence, violence against children, abuse and neglect during isolation.Based on previous research on the impact of quarantine and isolation on mental health, an increased number of problems with mental health problems can be expected, and children and adolescents are especially at risk due to developmental specifics and vulnerability. Analogously, it is necessary to further strengthen professionals and provide the necessary virtual / telephone professional assistance to children and their parents.

Following all the above, BHIDAPA, in cooperation with UNICEF BiH, held the first phase of education for and empowerment of professionals working for the benefit of children. Based on the evaluation of this training and the comments of the participants after the training, it was evident that the training was of great importance to the participants and that the need for such content and such support of experts is extremely high. Not only in times of isolation and quarantine, but also later and in the future in times of crisis, we need experts who will be able to provide the best possible treatment and support to children, adolescents and their parents.

Therefore, BHIDAPA continues to spread knowledge, experience and support to experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina with equal intensity, and continues to educate the Virtual Crisis Intervention “Here & Now”.