Project: Virtual crisis interventions “Here & Now”

In order to contribute to the protection and reduction of the negative impact of the current health crisis on the mental health and well-being of children, adolescents and their parents, BHIDAPA started on 21st May 2020, with the training Virtual crisis interventions “Here and Now” in cooperation with UNICEF BiH and with the support of the USAID.

The training aims to empower professionals from mental health centers, social work centers and educational institutions in the application of virtual / telephone crisis interventions in working with children, youth and families respecting child protection standards, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2-month training is based on an integrative-holistic and humanistic approach, salutogenically oriented and enables the creation and provision of multidisciplinary intersectoral teams for providing virtual crisis interventions, and in the future in crisis situations. The leaders of the educational program are members of the professional multidisciplinary team of BHIDAPA.

We thank the Project partners: UNICEF BiH and the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden, as well as the Federal Ministry of Health, the Educational and Pedagogical Institute of Sarajevo Canton and the Public Institution Cantonal Center for Social Work for their support.

We thank the colleagues involved in the project for their exceptional interest and active participation.

Let’s be responsible, take care of ourselves and others!