The first module of the IV cycle of education / training of the Virtual Crisis Intervention Here & Now was held

With today’s module, we started the fourth cycle of education / training Virtual Crisis Intervention Here & Now.

Through this module, participants were reminded of the distinctions between stress, crisis and trauma, and the specifics / advantages and disadvantages of virtual crisis interventions. The basic principles of work in crisis interventions are presented. In addition to the theoretical part, the module included exercises in large and small groups, in order to integrate theoretical knowledge through practical.


Prim. mr. sci dr. Azra Arnautović, pediatrician, psychotherapist and supervisor Vildana Aziraj-Smajić, spec. clinical psychology

Thank you to all my colleagues for their active participation. The new cycle of education and training gathered experts from: Gacko, Visoko, Pale, Banja Luka, Brod, Doboj, Prnjavor, Trnovo, Bijeljina, Derventa and Trebinje.

The Here & Now Virtual Crisis Intervention Project is being implemented in cooperation with UNICEF BiH, with the support of USAID and relevant ministries.