Life script – Gregor Žvelc i Maša Žvelc

This weekend  trainees of the second year of education in child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy had the opportunity to work in the new premises of BHIDAPA.

Together with the trainees of the second year of the educational program for children and adolescent counselors, they followed the second module in the second year called “Life script”.

Lectures were given by respected prof. dr. Gregor Žvelc and doc. dr. Maša Žvelc from the IPSA Institute (Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling) from Ljubljana.

The “Life script” module aims to explain early beliefs that are formed on the basis of verbal and non-verbal messages, modeling, attributions that they receive from important people in life. A script is an unconscious life plan that is formed on the basis of existential reactions, decisions and introjections in childhood and limits spontaneity and flexibility in problem solving and in relationships with people. An interesting module conducted very actively in the search for personal life scripts, but also the impact they have in life. Through the module, the possibility is emphasized that early beliefs can be changed through corrective emotional experience. Behind us is a truly inspiring weekend! 20