Adolescence and sexual health – PLISSIT model

 Goran Arbanas, MD-PhD, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, FECSM, in the past three days (15.5.-17.5.2020) through the BHIDAPA-Zoom platform held an education for students of child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy on the topic: Adolescence and sexual health.

The importance of sexual health, especially in pre-adolescent and adolescent age, knowledge of sexual anatomy, physiology, psychology, Sternberg’s triangular theory of love to taking anamnesis and interventions focused on the empirically based Annon’s PLISSIT model, gives us the opportunity to intervene in the treatment of adolescents and their parents. Also, we talked about the importance of quality cooperation with colleagues from the CSW and schools through the strengthening of preventive programs on sexual health.

PLISSIT model includes several levels of intervention:

P: permission

I: limited information 

SS: specific suggestions 

IT: intensive therapy

This model helps therapists to create an encounter with the adolescent and the course of therapy.

In this module, through theoretical work, pair work, experiential work in small groups through role play, discussions and successfully defended the final exam, evaluations of our students from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, showed satisfaction with the acquired knowledge and skills and practicality for the application of this model in the treatment of adolescents. We thank Goran Arbanas, MD-PhD, and we look forward to continuing our cooperation.

Let’s be responsible, take care of ourselves and others