Adolescence – Challenges and perspectives in growing up

This weekend, diligent students of the second year of the educational program Children’s Adolescent and Integrative Psychotherapy, continue to acquire knowledge and skills in understanding developmental tasks in adolescence. Module on the topic: Psychopathology 2 – Adolescence covered many issues and dilemmas in the treatment of adolescents. Some of the issues we addressed (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are: when disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood swings in adolescents become reliably pathological, we learned about basic criteria for assessing depressive difficulties in adolescence, which parental behaviors do not help adolescents in growing up, which are the functions of the NSSO, which are the most important predictors of suicidal behavior in adolescence.

We thank our full professor Mirjana Graovac, dr med. and adolescent psychiatrist and psychotherapist, on selfless sharing of knowledge.