Anxiety, depression and suicide in children and young people – recognition and treatment

The educational module for fourth-year students of the program for child and adolescent psychotherapists entitled “ANXIETY, DEPRESSION AND SUICIDALITY IN CHILDREN AND YOUTH – RECOGNITION AND TREATMENT” has aroused great interest of experts outside education who encounter this in their work with children and adolescents. topics. There were also those who have largely earned their degrees in child and adolescent integrative psychotherapist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist in other fields. Always inspiring prof. Dr. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja brought this not at all easy topic in a clear, understandable and interesting way, encouraging everyone present to be fully focused on the topic. Participants worked in small groups, tried themselves in the roles of therapists and clients, exchanged experiences and asked questions to which the professor was happy to offer answers, but also encouraged further questioning. All participants expressed their satisfaction at the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain new experiences with Professor Dubravka.