BHIDAPA signed cooperation with the Rectorate of the University of Zenica

Today, 2/12/2019 BHIDAPA signed a five-year cooperation with the Rectorate of the University of Zenica, with the aim of conducting a postgraduate study of professional development through formal education, in the field of psychotherapeutic counseling for children and adolescents.

FFederal Ministry of Health (No. 09-37-3675 / 18), at the request of the Association XY-Mental Health Project in BiH, June 7, 2018. appointed members of the Working Group for the development of curricula and regulations for child and adolescent psychotherapy in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the following composition:

  1. Prim. dr Goran Čerkez, Federal Ministry of Health, Assistant Minister
  2. Dr Marina Bera, Federal Ministry of Health, Assistant Minister
  3. Dipl. iur. Adisa Mehić, Federal Ministry of Health, Head of the Department of Formative Legal Affairs
  4. Izv. prof. dr. Kristina Sesar, University of Mostar, Široki Brijeg Mental Health Center
  5. Dr. sc. Mirela Badurina, BHIDAPA, director of the association
  6. Prof. dr. Vera Daneš Brozek, children and adolescent psychiatrist
  7. Irina Puvača, Mental Health Project in BiH, project leader

The first of five meetings of the Expert Working Group for Curriculum Development and Regulations for Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy in FBiH was held on June 29, 2018, at the Federal Ministry of Health in Sarajevo under the leadership of Dr. Goran Cerkez.

The Rulebook on Professional Development of Health Associates in the Field of Psychotherapeutic Counseling for Children and Adolescents was published in the Official Gazette on February 6, 2019, and entered into force on February 14, 2019. years.

We are starting the cooperation with the first educational program of professional training of health associates in the field of psychotherapy counseling for children and adolescents.

The plan is to harmonize the educational plan and programs in the field of child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy with formal education and ECTS, in master’s and doctoral studies.