BHIDAPA the participant in Global Project: Oaklander “Just for Now” model, Online Supervision

During the extraordinary circumstances of the current global health crisis, BHIDAPA is involved in the Oaklander Training Center’s online supervision. The network brings together experts from psychotherapy institutes and centers for children and adolescents from over 20 countries.

Supervision and consultation are intended for psychotherapists for children and adolescents who coordinate their work with the Oaklander virtual model.

The abovementioned Oaklander “Just for Now” model refers to therapeutic guidelines for conducting online sessions by integrating therapeutic goals and online capabilities (screen sharing and the use of interactive projective techniques during the session).

A series of supervisory encounters include: targeted educational pieces, therapeutic opportunities, and supervisory questions and answers. The educational section also focuses on brochures that aim to support therapists in working with children, adolescents, parents and support supervisors in working with therapists.The principle was called the Oaklander Model Project in the time of crisis “Just for Now”.

Dr. Karen Fried from Santa Monica, California, is a supervisor and consultant under the guidance and with the presence of Dr. Violet Solomon Oaklander.

We sincerely thank Dr. Karen Fried on warm invitation and opportunity for introducing PhD Mirela Badurina, Director of BHIDAPA, to be part of this network of experts.This was an opportunity for PhD Badurina, an international expert group, to share her experience on the importance of  Violet Oaklander’s book “Windows to Our Children ” in working with children in BiH. It was a special honor to be in touch with Dr. Violet Oaklander, says our PhD Mirela Badurina.

It is our great pleasure that through BHIDAPA, our country is part of this worldwide network of professionals who use the Oaklander model when working with children, young people and their parents.

With the approval of dr. Karen, BHIDAPA has translated the first two brochures “Just for Now” – Working with children and Working with adolescents, which can be found on our website and facebook page. Brochures can be used and shared. Changes to the content are not permitted under copyright.

By translating these and additional brochures, BHIDAPA aims to support professionals in working with children, young people, parents and psychotherapists in the current health crisis.

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