Collaboration with Oaklander Training Center in California, and in June Module on Virtual Treatment of Children, Adolescents and Parents – Oaklander Model, Karen Fried, Psy.D., MFT.

We established a partnership with the Oaklander Training Center in California yesterday. We look forward to enriching our educational program for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy, with the educational program of Violet Oaklander.

Oaklander, a world-class model of treatment for children, adolescents and parents, has proven effective in this current health crisis. Virtual Oaklander Model in the Time of Crisis Just for Now in the Treatment of Children, Adolescents and Parents is Used by Experts of Psychotherapy Institutes and Centers in 25 Countries worldwide. As we are part of this global network of  supervision for psychotherapists working with children, the virtual Oaklander model in times of crisis is support for our expert team of the Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Child, Youth and Family Health Protection Center. This approach to therapy is practical, playful and creative.

We are pleased to announce the Module: Treatment and virtual treatment of children, young people and parents according to the Oaklander Model, which will be held from 26th-28th June 2020. via BHIDAPA’s ZOOM platform.

Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the use of projective techniques in the virtual treatment of children, adolescents and parents, as well as learn more about the theoretical concept and methodology of the Oaklander method, from longtime Oaklaner Training Center trainer and psychotherapist Dr. Karen Fried, Psy.D., MFT. Our time together will be filled with theory, research and practice, through virtually experiential work!

More soon …

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