Development, neurodevelopmental disorders and neuroscience – Prof. dr. med. sc. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist for children and youth

BHIDAPA for educators of children and adolescent integrative psychotherapy. With this lecture, the educators began their fourth, also final, year in the educational program. The lectures were accompanied by second-year educators and an educational program for children and adolescent counselors.

Lectures were given by respected prof. dr. med. sc. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, neuropsychiatrist, psychotherapist, renowned and world-renowned expert in the field of neuropsychiatry, especially child psychiatry.

The module “Development, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neuroscience” aimed to explain the connection between psychological processes and brain functioning through neuroscientific disciplines: neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, neuropathology, neurophysiology.

Certain psychological problems and disorders and their connection with biological factors are mentioned: stress, aggression, anxiety, OCD, depression, etc., all with the aim of gaining insight into the factors responsible for the overall functioning of the organism as well as therapeutic and counseling approaches.