EAIP and EIATSCYP Annual General Meetings, held from 9-11 October 2019. in Amsterdam – De Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie

It was our great pleasure to respond and attend for the first time the General Meeting of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy. BHIDAPA is going through an accreditation process for an educational program in integrative psychotherapy for adults. At the meeting we received information that on the basis of the application form we meet the criteria for the formation of a committee that our Center will visit from 10th to 13th December, 2019. On this occasion, the commission will evaluate whether we meet the requirements for obtaining European accreditation for conducting adult education in integrative psychotherapy. We look forward to visiting. The EAIP meeting was held two days before, from 9th to 10th October 2019, the regular general meeting of the EIATSCYP members in which BHIDAPA has been a member since 2016. These were important days for the gathering of psychotherapy education centers and academies and psychotherapists dealing with integrative psychotherapy of adults as well as psychotherapists dealing with children and adolescents.

Members of the following countries were present at the EIATSCYP meeting: Great Britain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Romania, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia. At this meeting we agreed on the transition of EIATSCYPA from the UK to Croatia. We have also agreed to set up a European interdisciplinary therapy service for children and young people – KEN EVANS. We are grateful to Ken Evans, our initiator and founder of EIATSCYP.

May our efforts be at the service of the welfare of children around the world!

Thanks to Jan Rademaker, Director of De Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie, for wonderful hospitality! https://www.academie-psychotherapie.nl/