Final cycle of training of the Virtual Crisis Intervention “Here & Now”, in cooperation with UNICEF BiH

In order to contribute to, protect and reduce the negative impact of the current health crisis on the mental health and well-being of children, adolescents and their parents, in cooperation with UNICEF, with the support of USAID and relevant ministries, we continue education-training Virtual Crisis Intervention “Here & Now ”.

So far, over a hundred experts from the health, social care, upbringing and education sectors from Bosnia and Herzegovina have successfully completed the education / training. The aim of the training is to empower professionals in the application of Virtual Crisis Interventions in providing support and treatment to children, adolescents and their parents.

Education-training enables the creation of a platform of multidisciplinary and intersectoral teams in BiH for providing virtual crisis interventions and treatments, now and in the future in crisis situations.

The aim of the platform is to strengthen the connection of professionals from different disciplines who meet children, young people and their parents in everyday professional environment, strengthen primary and secondary prevention systems, develop and adapt to new technologies and online services, communicate more effectively on the need for mental health care, exchange information, research, education of experts, coordination of available resources, and identification and provision of adequate protection and support to children at risk.

The last cycle starts on 21.05. 2021.

Many thanks to our partners, associates, lecturers, colleagues.


BHIDAPA expert team and associates