First module: Promotion of mental health of children and adolescents in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BHIDAPA in cooperation with UNICEF, with the support of the EU, and with the consent of the relevant ministries continues with specific virtual education-training. After the successful completion of the previous cycle of education “Interdisciplinary Network of Experts” Here & Now “, we continue to develop and strengthen the established network of experts in order to preserve the mental health of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The training is aimed at strengthening the capacity of community resilience in order to provide early intervention, promote mental health and emotional well-being of children, adolescents and their families.

The first module of the new cycle of education and training was held on Friday, March 25, 2022. on the topic “Promotion of mental health of children and adolescents in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. A special wealth of this program is the possibility of supervisory work and support for personal growth and development of participants through group processes. The module was led by our dear mr.sci.dr. Azra Arnautovic, pediatrician, psychotherapist, supervisor and dipl. psychologist Sabina Zijadić-Husić, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor.

At the opening ceremony of the first cycle of education and training, greetings and welcome were given to the participants by Sandra Kukić on behalf of the Department of Children Protection, UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ph.D. Mirela Badurina, project manager.

We thank our dear colleagues for their trust and motivation during the training.