Group psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychodrama in work with adolescents

The last three days at the BHIDAPA Center, we dealt with a very important topic: “Group psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychodrama in working with adolescents.” Working with adolescents in a group gives a special dimension to the development of young people, where the adolescent develops in a group of his peers with the support of a therapist.

The module was led by Prof. dr. med.sci  Mirjana Graovac,  children and adolescent psychiatrist and psychotherapist, professor and full-time leader in the BHIDAPA educational program in the field of children and adolescent psychotherapy and counseling, as well as an expert associate of the BHIDAPA Center for Child, Youth and Family Protection.

This weekend, Professor Mirjana Graovac supported the members of the professional team of our Center through an intervision.