Implementation of Alternative Models of Treatment in Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Imposing an Educational Recommendation – Ministry of Health of the Federation of BiH in collaboration with the Office for Human Rights under UNICEF’s “Justice for Every Child” project

Održan prvi od pet treninga za profesionalce iz Centara za mentalno zdravlje

Given that the new Law on the Protection and Treatment of Children and Juveniles in the Criminal Procedure of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina represents a strategic turning point in the field of juvenile delinquency, its implementation in practice requires the early response and training of all professionals involved in the work and treatment of this category of children and young people. The focus of the new regulations is on the application of alternative treatment models that, as more humane solutions, offer an alternative to the conduct of criminal proceedings against minors, which also implies the imposition of an educational recommendation “Treatment in an appropriate health care facility (hospital or outpatient)”.

Given the specific nature of the problem, it is necessary to ensure a specialized approach to all sectors where these alternative measures are implemented, including the health sector, which requires the development and improvement of the knowledge and skills of professionals working in this sector. The fact is that problems related to child behavior certainly fall within the domain of mental health, which also implies the significant role of mental health services within the health system in the Federation of BiH.

In order to respond to the perceived need, the Ministry of Health of the Federation of BiH, in collaboration with the Human Rights Office within the UNICEF Justice for Every Child project, has created a training module for 5 modules. The first in a row took place in December 2018.

The education provided is one of the activities of the UNICEF Justice for Every Child project, supported by the governments of Sweden and Switzerland.