Implementation of educational recommendation for juveniles in conflict with the law: Inclusion in individual or group treatment

CPRC Online Education: Engaging in individual or group treatment!

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Despite the state of emergency, the Center for the Study of Policies to Combat Crime continued its activities.

On Friday, April 17, 2020, an online education was held on the topic “Inclusion in individual or group treatment of educational, psychological and other counseling centers.

Participants in the training were: Representatives of the Social Welfare Service of the Municipality of Novi Grad, Social Welfare Services of the Hadžići Municipality, Social Welfare Services of the Municipality of Stari Grad, and therapists employed in the Department of Counseling and Therapeutic Work.


Prosecutor Advija Hajdo Balta opened the training with a lecture on “Module for Implementation of Educational Recommendation: Inclusion in Individual or Group Treatment of Educational, Psychological and Other Counseling Services”.

The second speaker on the online education was psychotherapist, founder and director of BHIDAPA, Mirela Badurina, who gave a lecture to the participants on two topics: “Characteristics of development and basic principles in working with children – from science to practice”, and ” Rehabilitation strategies ( implications for individual and / or group treatment) and relationship building strategies”.

All participants agreed that they learned a lot of new things at this training, which will help them a lot in continuing their professional activities.

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