New Supervision education cycle in new BHIDAPA premises

In the middle of the previous month, the first generation of graduate child and adolescent integrative psychotherapists began a new cycle of Supervision education. The program is implemented by BHIDAPA in collaboration with IPSA – Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling, Ljubljana and EUROCPS – European Center for Psychotherapeutic Studies.

This educational program is based on previous experiences and programs conducted more than 24 years by deceased prof. Ken Evans (Maslow Award for Contributions to Psychotherapy 2015).

Carriers for this program are Joanna Hewitt Evans, MA, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Integrative Psychotherapist, EAIP; and Masa Žvelc, Doctor of Science in Psychology, Integrative Psychotherapist (EAIP, IIPA) and Supervisor (EUROCPS).

After a very active and working part, this was also an opportunity to celebrate moving into new premises, expanding business, devising some new activities.