Play therapy

As we know, play is the most important task of every child and necessary for healthy growth and development.
Our task is to provide children with the best opportunity for further growth and development.
BHIDAPA’s mission is to protect the mental health of children, young people and their families. Following our vision to promote healthy growth and development we would like to inform you that we have equipped another therapy room. The room for occupational and play therapy is intended for the treatment of our youngest clients. By working in this room, we provide our clients with the possibility of integrative child psychotherapy, occupational therapy and mindfulness.

U našem centru sada imate priliku koristiti usluge okupacione terapeutkinje, stručnjakinje za rad s djecom i jedine takve na prostoru Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine, čast nam je i zadovoljstvo pružiti vam takvu mogućnost obzirom da smo svjesni manjka stručnog kadra obučenog za ranu intervenciju i rad sa našim najmlađima.

Occupational therapists use different approaches and techniques in their work, which are based on theoretical assumptions (developmental group and integration group). They base their work on condition assessments, by which they plan further intervention and goals of therapeutic treatment. The most commonly used approaches are: neurodevelopmental (NDN), sensory integration (SI), developmental, biomechanical, cognitive, learning specific skills and / or a combination of these approaches. In children, interdisciplinary re / habilitation is successful, involving professionals and the family. The role of the family is well known, in occupational therapy it gets a central role. The philosophy of values and needs is different and unique for each family. Models in which the family and children define the priorities of the child’s functioning have proved to be more successful, and the therapist coordinates and applies specifically targeted activities to achieve this goal.In the world, occupational therapy has a very wide application with emphasized importance of the early initiation / intervention, already in neonatal intensive care units. In our country, it is represented mostly in specialized institutions for rehabilitation.

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