Protecting children is the responsibility of all of us!

We continue our long-term cooperation with the employees and users of NCM “Ivan Pavao II”.

Mirela Badurina, PhD, held a two-day training with employees and volunteers of NCM “Ivan Pavao II” on the topics “Children at risk and basic principles of working with children” and “Prevention programs in the pandemic and post-pandemic period”.

In the situation and challenges we are currently facing, significant support is to stay connected to each other.

It is important that we rely on the knowledge we have when we talk about children at risk, the basic principles of working with children, the protection of children and their families, which can help us in this crisis.

We must not forget that child protection is the responsibility of all of us!

Therefore, it is important that through research and new knowledge we develop new preventive programs to support and protect children and families, kindergartens, schools and communities, aimed at strengthening resilience capacity.

Resilience is defined as the ability of an individual to adapt creatively (consciously finding the best path to psychological, social, cultural, spiritual and physical resources) so as to maintain their health in moments of exposure to significant adversity (Ungar, 2012).

The training discussed and researched personal support systems and the importance of self-care.

Nurturing a sense of belonging and connection, and developing the capacity for resilience are necessary determinants of health care (Badurina, 2016), especially in highly stressful circumstances.

Let’s be responsible, take care of ourselves and others! AND LET’S STAY CONNECTED!

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