Secondary prevention program / second part

From 23rd to 24th January, 2020 In Lukavac, a second educational workshop was held for professionals of the Centers for Social Work and professional teams of primary schools in Tuzla Canton within the secondary prevention program.

Mirela Badurina, Director of the BHIDAPA Center, was again invited to give lectures on “Children at Risk – Characteristics of Development and Risks of Developmental Age”, “Risk Factors that Can Affect Children’s Behavior Change, with Special Emphasis on the Consequences of Abuse, Neglect and High Conflict divorce on child health, and implications for family and school interventions.

We were pleased to once again have the opportunity, through our experience of the BHIDAPA Center, to share our knowledge and experience in better understanding and the importance of perennial, peer and school environments in the development of emotional and behavioral problems in children, with a new group of experts, educators, psychologists, social workers and lawyers working with children and families, all with a view to achieving uniform standards and preventive child protection programs.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to establish and strengthen interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation in understanding and creating prevention programs, because this is the only way we can protect the child.
The training was organized by the Human Rights Bureau through the Justice for Every Child project, supported by UNICEF and ministries at the BiH level, and by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH.