Module Seven – Application of projective techniques and “modalities” in virtual crisis interventions and treatment of children, youth and parents


dr. sci. Mirela Badurina, psychotherapist and supervisor
Dip. Psiholog Sabina Zijadić Husić, psihoterapeut i supervizor

The seventh module of the educational program “Here and Now” is focused on the importance and use of virtual projective techniques-modalities in crisis interventions and treatment. The module included recommendations for effective, targeted and accessible psychosocial virtual support, introducing participants to projective techniques in crisis interventions and treatment of children, adolescents and their parents, with special emphasis on virtual interventions.  The module includes a 4-part model with practical tools and virtual projection exercises
Oaklander’s Just and Now model, through personal work, working in small groups, and demonstrating the use of virtual projection models
with participants. The importance of the four-part Oaklander model and its application in crisis interventions and treatment were discussed.