Successful cooperation between BHIDAPA and Oaklander Training Center

In the period from 26th to 28th, June, 2020, it was our honor and pleasure to host Dr. Karen Fried, who introduced us to the Oaklander model in working with children and the Virtual Treatment of Children, Adolescents and Their Parents through a three-day module. Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with different projective modalities in online and offline treatment. Special pleasure during the module was provided by the excellent child therapist Violet Solomon Oaklander, who shared with us her experiences in understanding the children’s world and establishing contact and treatment with them.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and acquire skills from dear Karen and Violet in play therapy through the Oaklander model.

The plan of our educational center is to continue the cooperation with the Oaklander Training Center and to organize the training “Using the Oaklander model: three part workshop for child and adolescent therapists”, for graduate psychotherapists lasting 80 hours.