The importance of the socio-emotional development of the child

With the aim of preventive programs aimed at promoting knowledge about protecting the mental health of children as a basis for children’s social and emotional development, and thus well-being and functioning throughout life, the “Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Center for the Protection of Children, Youth and Families” (BHIDAPA) has signed a collaboration with the Discover Me Academy (DMA) PPU Preschool.

We started our collaboration with the topic “The importance of the socio-emotional development of the child” which was held on 15 May, 2019.

We believe that through our continuing education, counseling and supervision, our expert team will support and strengthen parents and educators in creating the optimal environment for the health and well-being of each child on the path to growing up.

We are grateful to parents and educators for their trust and we thank to the Discover Me Academy (DMA) for inviting and recognizing the importance of preventative activities through education, early identification and early intervention.

We look forward to future collaboration!